Aug 20, 2011

City Income Tax Forms Available Online

Reading Income Tax Bureau – Treasurer’s Office
Melvin T. Gertz, Treasurer

(513) 733-0300 Fax (513) 842-1016 Office Hours Monday through Friday 7:00 am to 6:00 pm.

The City of Reading has a 2.0% Earnings tax which applies to all who live, work, or operates a business in Reading. The tax rate was increased from 1.5% to 2.0% on May 2, 2006 in a vote by the residents of Reading. It is mandatory for all new residents and businesses to register with the tax office upon moving into the city. All Reading residents (that work either full or part-time, regardless of age), must file an annual Reading Income Tax Return by April 15th of each year. Residents that are fully retired or on a permanent disability (with no earned income), do not need to file a tax return.

For Residents of Reading, this Earnings Tax is based on all qualifying wages, including sick and vacation pay, commissions, tips, deferred compensation, and other compensation earned or received by residents of the city. The tax also applies to income received as gambling and lottery winnings. Residents that are self-employed and have net profits, or a loss, from the operation of a business, profession or other enterprise or activity are required to file the appropriate Federal Schedule each year. Residents must also report a refund from another city or if they own rental property that is not taxed by another municipality or a tax rate less than 2.0%. For non-residents that work in the city, these qualifying wages also include severance pay and any pay as part of an employee buyout or wage contribution plan, earned for work done or services performed or rendered in the city.

The city gives a credit of 2.0% to all residents who pay taxes to other municipalities. This credit is limited to 2.0% per W-2 or per city (if you work in multiple cities). Residents who work in municipalities that have a tax less than 2.0% on earnings must pay the difference to the City of Reading. This tax is paid on a quarterly basis with payment of prior year tax and the first quarter estimate when you file your tax return on April 15th. Payments for the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th quarter estimate are due July 31, October 31, and January 31, respectively, of each year.

For Businesses of Reading: All businesses operating in Reading must file an annual tax return and withhold the 2.0% earnings tax for employees.

The collection of property taxes (on residential or business property) is the responsibility of HAMILTON COUNTY…. not the City of Reading. For information on the collection or payment of property taxes, contact the Hamilton County Auditor’s office at (513) 946-4000, or click on the Hamilton County Auditor’s web

Click on the links below to download City of Reading tax forms. You need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer to download.

Earned Income Tax Ordinance 2006-13 2008 Employer’s Quarterly Withholding Form W1
2007 Individual Tax Form IR 2008 Quarterly Estimate Payment
2007 Business Tax Form BR Resident Registration Questionnaire
2007 Reconciliation Form W3 Business/Professional Questionnaire
2008 Declaration of Estimated Tax Withholding Questionnaire
2008 Employer’s Monthly Withholding Form W1
2006 Individual Tax Form IR
2005 Individual Tax Form IR
2007 Employer’s Withholding Form W1
2006 Employer’s Withholding Form W1
2006 Business Tax Form BR
2005 Business Tax Form BR
2007 Quarterly Estimate Payment
2006 Quarterly Estimate Payment
2006 Reconciliation Form W3
2005 Reconciliation Form W3
2007 Declaration of Estimated Tax
2006 Declaration of Estimated Tax