Apr 2, 2019

Spring Service of Fire Hydrants

Reading Fire Department would like to remind citizens that this is the time of the year for the annual spring service of fire hydrants within the City of Reading.  All fire hydrants are checked and serviced by flowing water through the network of water mains.

What does this mean for citizens?

Safety – It is in the best interest of public safety that the hydrants be checked and verified to be in proper working condition. This ensures the hydrant is functioning properly and available for service in the event of an emergency.

Potentially “discolored” water – The servicing process may temporarily discolor the water and make it look red or brown.  The Reading Water Department & the fire department  acknowledge that citizens may be particularly sensitive to this condition.

Patience please: RFD always attempts to flush the water until it is clear. However, if you notice that your water is discolored, please turn on cold water, preferably bathtubs or showers due to the larger volume, and let run for 5 minutes or until the water becomes clear.  If the water remains discolored for longer than a few hours, please notify the City of Reading at (513) 733-3725.

Awareness: Servicing of the hydrants takes place seven (7) days a week. Please watch for RFD vehicles on streets and move cars if possible.

This process of servicing hydrants takes approximately one month. There is no set schedule. The goal is to complete the entire process in the month of April, but it is also dependent on weather and accessibility.