Mar 1, 2017

Hamilton County EMHSA Monthly Testing of Sirens CANCELLED

HAMILTON COUNTY, OHIO – The Outdoor Warning siren test scheduled for March 1, 2017 has been cancelled due to the threat of severe weather.

Tests can be cancelled for two primary reasons:

  1. Extreme cold, freezing rain/drizzle, and/or icing might damage the equipment.
  2. There is severe weather (or potential severe weather) occurring in the local area and activating the outdoor warning system might cause confusion as to whether the activation is a real event.

There are four basic criteria to activate the sirens:

  • The National Weather Service issues a Tornado Warning for all or part of Hamilton County,
  • A trained and certified weather spotter reports a tornado;
  • A tornado is reported by a local public safety official; or
  • A dangerous situation occurs which requires citizens to seek shelter immediately.

Hamilton County has the capability of activating all of the sirens at once or by activating one or more of six established siren zones. All sirens may be sounded unless the threat is clearly confined to an individual zone (or zones). During a tornado warning, the sirens will be sounded for a three minute duration in ten minute intervals (three minutes on, seven minutes off) for as long as the tornado warning is in effect. There is NO “all-clear” siren.

In the event the sirens are activated, please tune in to your weather radio or local media for further information.

Tune in, Take action, Take cover.

For additional information on severe weather safety and preparedness, visit the Hamilton County Emergency Management and Homeland Security Agency website at: