Jan 3, 2019

Helpful Hints for Trash Collection

Please follow these simple guidelines when preparing your material for collection;

*City of Reading Public Works Department will pick up Christmas trees after Christmas if you place them by the curb.

*Christmas wrapping and boxes should be broken down and put in recycling. Leaving big TV boxes, etc. in view will advertise your house contents to thieves.

* Rumpke’s service includes collection of six, 32-gallon cans or bags per pick-up (may vary by service region). Cans and bags should not exceed 50 pounds. Please do not place trash at the curb in boxes. All boxes should be broken down and bundled and put in recycling container. Rumpke is not responsible for damaged or missing plastic cans or lids.

* Trash/recycling must be placed curbside the night before your scheduled collection. Drivers may not return to residences if materials are unprepared at the scheduled collection time.

*Please contact Rumpke at least 24 hours (1-800-828-8171) before your regularly scheduled collection to request a large item pick-up for acceptable large items, and/or excessive amounts of trash. Television sets cannot exceed 32 inches for curbside pick-up. All mattress or upholstered furniture must be wrapped and sealed in disposable plastic for removal. 

*All carpet set out must be rolled and secured with twine into 4’ x 2’ sections weighing less than 50 pounds per roll.

Don Lindeman will periodically be talking about hazardous material and other helpful guidelines for property maintenance during the 2019 City of Reading Council meetings. Watch the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month on ICRC. Any questions about the information call Don Lindeman 513-554-1982